Solutions: Emergency

As a service provider in the field of special restoration, we have a reputation across industry for projects in particularly tough conditions. Like special scaffolding in refineries, on gas tanks or on the cooling towers of nuclear power stations. We are certified as a Safety Certificate Contractor (SCC/SCP) – a requirement for companies wanting to operate on the site of a petroleum processing company or as a contractor in the chemical industry.

We’re also setting new quality standards in the handling of fire damage and restoration of old buildings. Because every structure has its own unique past - in its location, materials, quality and technical execution.

Insurers and banks, renovators and monument conservators, architects and developers, project management and real estate professionals all appreciate our safe and thorough approach.

We are sensitive to individual structural conditions, using historical know-how, creativity and technical expertise, an intuition for damage and basic structure, an eye for the whole and a feel for the details.

We use the industrial scaffolds, mobile scaffolds and ladders of our partner Layher. Where necessary, we assemble halls and tents so that we can maintain operations in places affected by damage, fire and renovation.